Devakam Apothecary Hall specializes in sport injury prevention

Thai pharmaceutical company Devakam Apothecary Hall with their Namman Muay product line focuses on developing and commercializing life-changing products for professional, amateur athletes and the physically active population for over 85 years.


World countries

Namman Muay brand is recognized in all corners of the world



Namman Muay is available in over 6000 pharmacies across Europe and beyond.


Satisfied clients

Number of satisfied clients in 2018 from online sales alone


Sport gyms

Number of sport gyms enjoying priviliges of our fidelity club.

Our mission

Devakam Apothecary Hall mission is make Namman Muay the most recognizable brand for athletes in Europe and in the world. Other than expanding our market share, our mission is to:

  • develop innovative products in the field of sport injury prevention
  • create, mantain and update safety reports and certifcates for exsiting products
  • create compelling marketing and advertising campaings for Namman Muay
  • sponsor young and talented athletes and support them on their sport careers

Our values

Devakam Apothecary hall is a global company, active in the fields of sport hot and cold therapy. We operate worldwide and see ourselves as an active member of society in all communities in which we are present. With this presence comes responsibility, which we live up to by pursuing clearly defined principles expressing our basic ethical philosophy. These principles govern how we measure ourselves as well as how we want to be measured.

Manufacturer details

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