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Buakaw Banchamek with Thai cream
Namman Muay® is the most recognizable brand amongst sport creams in combat sports worldwide. It's composition is a easy-to-use version of the legendary Namman Muay® Thai oil that has been used by Muay Thai fighters for more than 60 years.

Namman Muay® cream history

The roots of Namman Muay® Thai cream can be found in traditional herbal medicine, where for years the exact recipe was used by few selected Muay Thai gyms and only passed around fighting circles purely by word of mouth. It wasn’t until 1963, and the reign of Pon Kingpetch, Thailand’s first western style boxing champ, that Devakam’s miracle product would become a brand with mass appeal and global reach.

Kingpetch, trained at a gym owned by coach called Thongthos Intratat. A herbalist and practitioner of alternative medicine, Intratat was always looking for new ways on traditional Thai home remedies to help his team of fighters warm up and repair their sore muscles and joints after trainings and (too) frequent fights.

Intratat discovered that a fighter massaged with his home made Namman Muay oil was less injury prone and bashed up after contests. Intratat formed Devakam Apothecary Hall, his own pharmaceutical company, and began to manufacture the first Namman Muay products which are now used by millions of people all over the world. In honour of Pone Kingpetch, Thontos Intratat and their historical achievements a statue was raised in Hua hin in southern Thailand.

Thai cream ingredients

Namman Muay® sport creams are made out of carefully selected local Thai herbs and processed in a GMP certified laboratory. All ingredients are certified as doping-free and reach highest possible quality standards. The formulation itself is a improved easy-to-use version of the popular Thai liniment that is used by the fearsome Muay Thai athletes for nearly a century.
Wintergreen Berries


Wintergreen oil is extracted from the leaves of the Gaultheria procumbens evergreen plant, has the ability to act like a natural analgesic, antiarthritic, antiseptic and astringent. Wintergreen oil primarily contains the active ingredient methyl salicylate, which makes up about 85 percent to 99 percent of wintergreen essential oil.

Menta Piperita


Peppermint oil is a standout amongst the most essential oils. It can be utilized aromatically, topically and internally to address various health problems, ranging from muscles tiredness and joint stifness to seasonal allergies, to low energy and digestive problems.

Clove Seeds


Eugenol is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. In nature is usually found in clove  essential oil that is high in antioxidants and has strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and and antifungal properties, making it effective for a large variety of common health concerns.

Who uses Thai creams?

Top athletes in combat sports recognized the effectivness of the Namman Muay® Thai cream making it the product to go for sport injury treatment. Professional fighters face dangerous situations every day during training and competition. Immediate care is required for these athletes in order to perform at the highest professional levels.
Buakaw Banchamek with cream

Buakaw Banchamek

Buakaw Banchamek is Muay Thai and kickboxing legend. His real name is Sombat Banchamek (สมบัติ บัญชาเมฆ), but when fighting he goes by the name of Buakaw Banchamek ("Buakaw" means "White lotus" in Thai). Buakaw became Thailand's biggest sport ambassador after a successful transition to the kickboxing circuit by winning two prestigious K-1 World MAX titles in Japan. We proud ourselves that Buakaw is part of the Namman Muay® sponsored athletes.

Artem Levin

Artem Levin

Artem "The Lion" Levin is multiple kickboxing and Muay Thai world champion. Artem is known for his creative and unpredictable fighting style that won him the Glory middleweight World title in Los Angeles among other professional titles such as WBC, WMC, WKN, It's Showtime and AKBC. He is also 6x IFMA World and 5x European Muay Thai champion. He currently trains at American Top Team in Miami, Florida.

Alfio Romanut

Alfio Romanut

Alfio Romanut is a kickboxing hall of fame coach who's teaching talent created the greatest P4P kickboxer that ever walked on the earth - Giorgio Petrosyan. Romanut created a special fighting system that is rarely seen in kickboxing. It focuses on fighting your opponent at an 45° degree angle in order to nullify your opponent's counter attacks. His fighters are known in the world to have an extremly smart and disciplined style of fighting.

Valentino Domenico

Valentino Domenico

Valentino Domenico is the Italian lightweight boxing phenom. Valentino's achievements speak for themselves; he won 4x gold, 1x silver, 2x bronze European Champion and 1x gold, 1x silver, 3x bronze boxing World champion.

Mathias Gallo Cassarino

Mathias Cassarino

Mathias Gallo Cassarino is the only Italian ranked in the Lumpini stadium. He is the former Max Muay Thai 62 kg Silver Tournament Champion, WPMF World Champion 135 lbs, WBC International Champion 135 lbs, and WMC "Muay Thai Against Drugs" Champion. He trains at the 7 Muay Thai Gym operated by his manager and father in Rayong Thailand.

Uros Jurisic

Uros Jurisic

Uros Jurisic is a Slovenian UFC fighter from Slovenia, known for agressive striking style. Fighting out of American Top Team in Miami Floria, Uros is the current Titan FC welterweight champion with an unblemished score of 10-0. Jurisic is the latest addition to the stable of Namman Muay ® sponsored athletes.

Customer reviews

Namman Muay® Thai cream is being used by people from all walks of life; amateur athletes, professional athletes and people dealing with toughest situations at their jobs like firefighters, police and the army. Namman Muay® is their swiss-knife when it comes joint stifness and muscle tiredness that resulted from years of repetitive movements at their jobs.

Rating stars icon 5/5

"Best cream ever used!"

"I've tried many similiar products..but none comes close to the effectivnessof the Thai cream!"

- Amanda R. 32 years

Rating stars icon 5/5

"Thai Creams work wonders for me"

"I have been struggling with sore muscles after running for quite some time now...the mornings after were especially difficult as I barely stood out of bed. After trying many similiar products, the Thai creams finally made it a whole lot easier for me...  "

- Marco F. 38 years

Rating stars icon 5/5

"Wish I didn't find them sooner!"

"Trust me, I would not be wasting my time with this review if I didn't mean every word I have said here. This stuff helps me, I hope it helps you too."

- Nick F. 45 years

Rating stars icon 5/5

"Athlete's best friend"

"The Thai cream was suggested to me by Thai trainer when I was training Muay Thai on my vacation in Phuket. I was told that the Thais use it before and after every competition. After some hesitation (I'm not sold so quickly) I must say it helped a lot, especially when I got those nasty shin to shin clashes during sparings."

- Glenn A. 29 years

Rating stars icon 5/5

"You better get used to the smell.."

"because this thing works! Thai creams are a blessing for my muscles after I'm done running in the evening."

- Barbara O. 27 years

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"I was skeptical when I first purchased the Thai cream, but the online reviews persuaded me to give it a try. I am so very thankful I did, because this stuff FLAT OUT WORKS!"

- Joshua W. 62 years

Rating stars icon 5/5

"Works best after training"

"Back when I was training Muay Thai I used the Thai oil a lot, but putting my clothes after being massaged with it felt awkward, because the skin was greasy..."

- Kevin R. 28 years

Rating stars icon 5/5

"Top! Top! Top!"

"...I do not normally write reviews on products, but here I am making an exception. I will make this short by saying that this productworked for me. I use it after tennis games to help with my sore knees and ankles and it relieves the joint stifness to a point where I can walk without struggle."

- Frank. R. 55 years

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